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The Stitch in Time by aireagoir Fandoms: Another factor would be that Agent Stern would be naked as well, and Hill is also known in the theatre world as a respected performance artisthaving written and performed a number of one-woman showsincluding the trilogy of Tokyo BoundReunionand Beside Myself. Escort agency contract. Maria shot an angry look over at Natasha.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. That made her kind of mad, and regretful, Maria pushing her face as deep as it would go in between Natasha's butt cheeks to try and enhance the other woman's orgasm. Maria hill naked. Stories Poems Story Series. Of course Maria deserved a fucking medal for not looking down when they were both naked in a shower together. Thankfully she was allowed to do so, Natasha keeping up the pace until Maria came oh so wonderfully hard, her pussy clamping down on The Widow's fingers and covering them in her cum.

Remember Me Forgot password? But Maria Hill wasn't some people. So, trying her best not to blush, Maria closed her eyes and then after a brief pause growled, "Fine, just make me cum! To start, he was born under another name, one he presumed was lost forever. Or maybe Maria was trying to make excuses for the giant metaphorical boner she had for the voluptuous seductress. Gucci asswell escort. She wanted to do something she had never considered doing before, something that she had thought of as disgusting, no matter how great an ass was.

As signs of submissively begging for more go this was pretty tame but Maria hated she had been forced to give it almost as much as Natasha seemed to enjoy it, The Black Widow grinning in triumph around one of Maria's nipples before increasing the suction again. Honestly it felt almost as if the deadly assassin was making love to her tits, and maybe if Maria was a giddy schoolgirl she would have mistaken this slow torturous technique for some kind of affection, like this could be more than some quick fuck or some such nonsense.

But for someone who proved herself more than capable in combat you're hardly the seductress I've read about. Of course there wasn't that much Intel on Maria's personal life in the SHIELD databases, and Natasha certainly hadn't seen Maria voluntarily relaxing outside of work, so there had always been the possibility the brunette wasn't a blushing lesbian virgin.

I want you both to wrestle in the same position once more time! It didn't matter whether it was guy cum or girl cum, Natasha couldn't get enough of having her lover spray their liquid joy all over her face and Maria certainly didn't disappoint, her superior even helping the process by grinding her cunt onto her face and making sure Natasha got thoroughly drenched.

She stepped over the man, straddling his head, and then lowered her pussy down over his mouth. Alas Maria could only watch as Natasha basically fucked herself to climax, the brunette feeling that she was only helping the process by tonguing The Widow's back hole rather than significantly contributing.

But they knew Agent Hill must have a superlative military skill set, otherwise she couldn't be in the position where she was in S. The redhead's butt hole tasted surprisingly good, but while Maria was growing to kind of like eating ass she definitely liked eating pussy, and Natasha's pussy smelt so fucking good.

The entirety of George's life may be condensed in this simple question:. Oh fuck, please Natasha make me cum!

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She has the talent for sure, but hasn't been spotted yet.

It was an extremely tempting thought. Maria, on the other hand, grew alarmed at what the Black Widow said.

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Natasha didn't let the moment last long. Sexy lisa simpson naked. The next position we'll practice is when the man is performing oral sex, but with his balls out of reach. Pepper, Jane Foster, and Darcy. You could be saving a life with this training, so don't be so childish!

Please help by adding reliable sources. She knew she had a lovely, delicate cunt, but now so did every man in this room! For now it was only the first lick she truly considered to be slow, the ones following it providing a steady rhythm which quickly had Maria on the road to what Natasha was determined to make sure was an extremely powerful orgasm. After all, she did have a reputation as an amazing rug muncher to maintain, and she certainly had no intention of failing to do so for the woman charged with evaluating her.

But Maria didn't do any of that. With eyes opened as wide as saucers, Maria yelled, "Don't speak! Maria shot an angry look over at Natasha. Raising an eyebrow at them, Maria smiled and said, "Do you want a demonstration, gentlemen? Agent Ramsey was chosen as her first partner, and laid face down on the mat, his head between her thighs. Maria hill naked. Super hot naked girls with big boobs. Max Keeble's Big Move. Let's start wrestling then! If possible it became even clearer when Natasha's tongue started lingering against Maria's entrance, and then sliding clockwise and anticlockwise around her pussy lips and then finally brushing against her clit with every other lick.

So, trying her best not to blush, Maria closed her eyes and then after a brief pause growled, "Fine, just make me cum! Cheaper by the Dozen. You are our top field agents, so we are starting with you for the time being. In the final episode of season six of Seinfeldshe played the part of Frank Costanza's long lost girlfriend during his Korean War service. For the rest of the nine men, she then had to sit on their faces, lewdly naked and feeling completely humiliated, and was forced to wrestle with them with their heads between her thighs.

He is a very talented stitcher, wonderful mentor to his assistant Eduardo, and devoted fan of ridiculous American television dramas. But Maria Hill wasn't some people. Remember Me Forgot password? Or at least that's what Maria comforted herself with as she grabbed a handful of red hair and pressed the other spy into her chest.

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Just then Agent Maria Hill stepped into the room, known as the other female S. The busty redhead simply stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for them to begin. Lesbians in jail videos. Specifically in a way she was sure Maria had never even considered before, Natasha making sure her boss was delirious from pleasure before standing up, her fingers remaining buried in Maria's cunt.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Ultimately Maria made the mistake of looking down at those big round breasts which were almost pressed against her own, one long look at Natasha's amazing body making up her mind for her.

Ahhhhhhh Goooodddddddd, oooooohhhhh, fuckkkkkkk, please, oooooooh fuck, mercy, oh God, Natasha, Natasha, oh God please just fuck me! She stepped over the man, straddling his head, and then lowered her pussy down over his mouth. Natasha Romanov is a musician trying to be heard in a large crowd. Hot nude hawaiian women Maria hill naked. To start, he was born under another name, one he presumed was lost forever.

Pepper, Jane Foster, and Darcy. Frowning, the gorgeous brunette abruptly moved into action, squeezing her thighs together and then reaching behind her, succeeding in grasping Stern's thick crotch in her hands. Now kiss my cheeks. Literotica is a trademark.

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