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Celebrity stalkers help flesh out the nuttiness.

Even so, that marks still falls 20 points short of his. Nude pics of jennifer grey. And I don't think folks are complaining that they are offended. I just don't have the words for how ridiculous it sounds to make a sweeping claim that everybody opposed to this article is a homophobe. Ian kinsler naked. I agree completely with your assessment. But a whole article that is off-the-wall?

I answered this above. So you equate an article about gay porn involving baseball players to having gay sex with baseball players? Steamer forecasts him for just a. Simply put, Kinsler is generally a lot better than those numbers. I was sad that it was still a week till pitchers and catchers would report. Non nude sexy pictures. AP The Los Angeles Angels are trying to fill a hole at second base that's dragged down their offense the past couple of years. Now it seems like some things have gotten away from us.

They effed up your comps, and you know it. Load Rest of Comments. There are plenty of people most people, I would think, though you wouldn't know it by reading internet message boards who are disapproving of or disgusted by hetero sexual content and pornography who are not "heterophobes. Steamer also sees him recording the highest strikeout rate of the five systems. I understand that I do not have to read the article.

I was thoroughly amused even though I've encountered this pulsing, purple vein of fandom before. All very good points, and if you graze my comments you'll see that none of my objections were over the homosexual innuendos in the article. For a subscriber, there is no difference in rights based on whether the article is in front of or behind the pay wall. I first came here many years ago from an old Rob Neyer link and the newness of the ideas is what kept me on.

For that reason, I thought the article was illuminating, but that it could have explored this issue further. So my question remains - why are the objectors so upset? Why not a logo on the article itself, rather than the page prior?

They 9previsou articles about PEDS and gambling actually were about baseball. Walking nude in public videos. Value over replacement penis Go Colin and Matt! I wonder if 1 it exists and 2 people would have the same reaction to it.

Great article about a well quite obscure section of fandom.

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Even if I thoroughly enjoy nearly all of what a place of business has to offer, I will cease to go there if they offer something I do not enjoy. College nude boobs. I've never been sure about the salience of having an ID number next to each user's name; it can lead to newbies being denigrated simply for being new. That's what you think this is about?

Just to be clear, I'm not speaking for myself. I steadfastly refuse to get the point. I'm proud of that, though I'm awfully hungry now. It's time to watch the monty Python Fish Slapping Dance video: One article you don't like and you're done. Go Colin and Matt! It is well written and funny to boot, so good coffee-time at the computer before the drudgery of work sets in. The "slay the dragon! I will always support decisions to publish oddball stuff like this, even if it forces me to remember that something exists that I had tried desperately, desperately to forget.

We don't shy away from adult subject matter, but we do like to give a heads up, like we do for the podcast. I once read an article of his where he invented a new word -- "obnoxiating" -- and then he spent a paragraph talking about it.

It's a figure of speech. Ian kinsler naked. Naked women instagram. Actually, I thought that an intentional dramatic pause. While everyone has the right to like or dislike what they want, I find it hard to believe that anyone "offended" by this article wasn't offended because of the homosexual references.

Jay, I don't agree, though I wish I did. That seems like it would be a direct comp for baseball fanfic in terms of being about real people, but without the "we don't think about them that way" aspect. What you are seeing in the comments section is a boiling over for many who feel the same way. It's the thought that counts, man! Like that one that posts the stories about Jeter and Posada getting it on? And will that happen this year? But then, in a lot of ways, we all look at baseball players like characters in a daily soap opera, and maybe these stories are just taking that to its illogical conclusion.

Since we seem to be voting, I will go thumbs up. Steamer calls for Kinsler to produce 2. What is it, exactly, that you are failing to see here? Do you really think the content of the site is going to radically shift towards fan fiction or pornography? I answered this above. I'm not accusing you of anything in particular.

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